Nude Beach Do’s and Don’ts

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Nude Beach Do’s and Don’ts -- In a recent post, I wrote that it's not okay to take your clothes off if you're not at a nude beach. So, what should you do if you are at a nude beach? Do: Follow the Rules of Civilized Society Just bec ... [ Read More ]

White Sand Beaches

Whitehaven Beach photo courtesy of Tourism Queensland.

  Great beaches often have white sand. People like white sand because it’s very fine grained -- which makes it soft -- and water seems to sparkle when viewed next to it.   There are many places around the world where you c ... [ Read More ]

Clearwater Beach Florida

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    Clearwater Beach Florida -- Florida is full of great places to vacation, so for simplicity’s sake the state is usually divided into regions. Clearwater Beach is part of Central West Florida. Places to Visit in F ... [ Read More ]

Laguna Beach

Aliso Beach photo courtesy of Lisa Dworkin. All rights reserved.

    Laguna Beach is located in Orange County, California. It’s blessed with a sunny, mild year round climate and beautiful beaches, making it a popular spot for vacationers. In fact, tourism is its primary i ... [ Read More ]