Pink Sand Beach

Pink Sand Beach. Photo courtesy of Pinterest.

  Pink Sand Beach -- Have you ever wanted to see a pink sand beach? I know I have -- it’s on my bucket list -- so hopefully one of these days I’ll be able to say I have seen a pink sand beach.   What makes sand pink? ... [ Read More ]

Best Sunsets in the World

Wailea Beach Sunset. Photo courtesy of Maui Real Estate Search.

Best Sunsets in the World -- Where are the world’s best sunsets? The answer is, of course, a subjective one but the following is a list of the world’s most beautiful sunsets according to Traveler’s Digest.   The Taj Mahal in ... [ Read More ]

Jones Beach

Jones Beach

Jones Beach -- Jones Beach on Long Island in New York is the most popular and heavily visited beach on the East Coast, with an estimated six million visitors per year.   Jones Beach has numerous amenities, most of which meet the ... [ Read More ]